Reversal Invoices


Reversal invoices share a lot of characteristics with customer invoices, and differ mostly in minor ways. Most important and stark difference is, that a reversal invoice is marked as billed, as soon as it's created. Which means, that reversal invoices cannot be changed, once they're created.
Therefore besides the endpoint for creating reversal invoices there are only endpoints for listing and reading reversal invoices.

Attributes of a Reversal Invoice object

address Object The invoicing address
billed_at datetime The date and time the invoice was billed to the customer.
business_unit_id integer ID of the business unit this invoice belongs to
contact Object The number of the invoice
custom_references Object Key-value pairs custom to this invoice
custom_text text A custom free-form text that is added to the invoice.
customer_id integer ID of the customer this invoice belongs to.
due_at date The due date of the invoice
gross_total Money The gross total amount of the invoice
line_items line_item[] Array of line_item objects
net_total Money The net total amount of the invoice
number string The number of the invoice
order_id integer ID of the order this invoice belongs to. If this invoice is not associated with an order, this field is null.
paid_at date The date the invoice was paid by the customer
reversed_invoice_id integer The ID of the customer invoice , which is reversed by this reversal invoice.
sent_at date Date when the invoice was sent to the customer
taxes Tax[] All taxes of the invoice, where the keys are the tax rates and the values are accrued amounts of all line items with the respective tax rate


Listing Reversal Invoices


Example Request

$ curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer a2d16d24dd8adf0e843e6b143b54dbf800ce7ef12d431927ef63f" \

Fetch a Single Reversal Invoice


Example Request

$ curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer a2d16d24dd8adf0e843e6b143b54dbf800ce7ef12d431927ef63f" \

Creating a Reversal invoice

See the documentation for customer invoices on how to create reversal invoices.