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The volume order will only come when the short runs are also covered
For the printing house Heidenreich Card, the implementation of Zaikio Keyline was a decision with tangible results. The print shop management software not only enables even the smallest jobs to be processed efficiently – it has also proven to be a convincing unique selling feature when it comes to winning new customers.The print business Heidenreich Print in Bünde was founded in 1991 and ha...
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Two medium-size print businesses set the course for the future with Keyline
The German print businesses Druckhaus Hesseling and Druckerei Stürner are gearing up for the future with print business management software Keyline from Zaikio. The main decision-making criteria were openness for integration with other applications, the clear structure and high ease of use, and the price/performance ratio. Implementation was completed in just a few weeks in each case, and t...
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Printing company Bender relies on external consulting and partners for transition to new software ecosystem
The Bender printing company is gearing up for the future by implementing a new software ecosystem. To accomplish this, the company took a new approach: The experts from zipcon consulting assisted the team with the decision, which was finally made in favor of a combination of the Ninox platform and Keyline from Zaikio. As part of the individual implementation, the stage was set for the futur...
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Users of print business MIS Keyline optimize paper sourcing via Zaikio Procurement
For print businesses, buying paper is a time-consuming task. Price tables have to be transferred manually and with effort to their own systems, and telephone inquiries to the paper manufacturer are daily business. For users of the Keyline print business management software, this is now a thing of the past: Via the convenient connection to Zaikio Procurement, they can access their suppliers'...
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Printing House Merkur Digitizes Customer Service and Production with Keyline
Time is money – this is more true than ever in the printing industry. Today, the margin no longer comes from production, but from optimal processes. Merkur Druck & Kopierzentrum in Leipzig (Germany) understood this a while ago. After digitizing the processes with the Keyline print business management software, everything runs more efficiently and smoothly. The family business, which has...
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Keyline print business management software "no diesel with electric motor"
The printing house Medus in Merano (South Tyrol) was in the same situation as many other printing companies: While production was continuously modernized, the management sector had hardly been considered in this respect. The implementation of the Keyline print business management software from Zaikio has put an end to inefficient processes at Medus. Andreas Gögele, Managing Director of Druck...
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Printing companies in Austria and Great Britain rely on Keyline print business management software
Impressed by Keyline’s holistic approach, innovative technology and ease of use, printing companies in Austria and Great Britain are now implementing the company’s solution.The team at Hernegger Druck produces sophisticated print products in short runs in Innsbruck, Tyrol. Because of the strong competition, the company intentionally avoided getting into industrial print production — the onli...
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Bechtel Druck is leading the way: This is how automation works!
Ebersbach an der Fils, a small town about 30 kilometers southeast of Stuttgart, Germany, might not realize it, but it is home to a printing industry innovation center. Printing company Druckhaus Bechtel, which is based in Ebersbach, is a classic commercial printer that has been digitizing its processes for some time now. The first step was the introduction of our print business management so...
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